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A001 Anti fog
bottle  80  ml. € 8,00
A002 Tire Inflator Valve
Quick-connect valve to inflate a car tire € 6,00
A002a tire inflator
A002a Tire inflator
Quick connect tire inflator € 6,00
A007 Clip A+B, 2,5 cm.
clip 2,5 cm. € 1,50
A009 Clip A+B, 5 cm.
clip 5 cm. € 1,50
A011 drybox s
A011 dry box S

dry box S, yellow

length: 10 cm.

€ 4,00
A011-2 dry box M

dry box M, black

length: 14 cm.

€ 5,00
A011-3 dry box L

dry box L, blue,

Length: 15,5 cm.

€ 6,00
finband 14-06-2016
A012 fin strap
fin band € 3,00
A013 fin strap buckle
fin strap buckle, setprice € 3,00
A014 fin strap complete
fin strap complete € 7,00
A015 fin glider S
fin glider S , set € 4,00
neon rubber driehoek
A015-1 Fin glider neon S

1x Set Fin glider

Size: S 

€ 4,00
A016 fin glider M
fin glider M, set € 4,00
neon rubber driehoek
A016-1 Fin glider neon M

1x Set fin glider neon

Size: M 

€ 4,00
A017 fin glider L
fin glider L, set € 4,00
neon rubber driehoek
A017-1 Fin glider neon L

1x Set Fin glider neon

Size: L 

€ 4,00
A018 whistle
whistle € 2,00
A019 tankhandle flex
tankhandle € 9,00
 A019-1 tankhandle tight
tankhandle € 8,00
bc hanger new 09-2016
A020 bc hanger yellow
bc hanger yellow € 7,00
A021 hanger multi black

multi hanger black


€ 7,00
A022 hanger usd
hanger upside down € 7,00
A024 flat line

flat line

size: 16,5x12,8 cm.

€ 8,00
A024-1 Litje plaat groot
A024-1 underwater slate

Underwater Slate large

19cm x 14,5cm 

€ 10,00
A025 wrist slate
wrist slate € 10,00
A028-2 Titanium knife

Titanium knife

the knife strap A030 fits to this knife.

€ 20,00
A029 knife strap
knife strap per  set € 3,00
A030 knife strap q.r.
knife strap quick rel., 2 pcs. € 3,00
kindermondstuk xtra  geel
A031-1 Mouthpiece junior xtra yellow
mouthpiece junior xtra yellow € 4,00
kindermondstuk xtra pink
A031-2 Mouthpiece junior xtra pink
Mouthpiece junior xtra pink € 4,00
kindermondstuk xtra blauw
A031-3 Mouthpiece junior xtra blue
Mouthpiece junior xtra blue € 4,00
kindermondstuk xtra zwart
A031-4 Mouthpiece junior xtra black
Mouthpiece junior xtra black € 4,00
A032 mouthpiece
mouthpiece sillicone € 4,00
A032-1 mouth piece extra long, clear

mouthpiece extra comfort, clear


€ 4,00
A032-2 mouth piece extra comfort, orange
mouthpiece extra comfort, colour orange € 4,00
A032-3 Mouthpiece extra comfort, black
mouthpiece sillicone, ectra comfort, colour: black € 4,00
A032-4 Mouthpiece extra comfort, yellow

Mouthpiece extra comfort bite

colour: neon yellow

€ 4,00
mondstuk extra blauw
A032-5 Mouthpiece extra comfort blue

Mouthpiece extra comfort bite sillicone


€ 4,00
A032-6 Mouthpiece extra comfort, brown

Mouthoiece sillicone

extra comfort bite

Colour: brown


€ 5,00
mondstuk xtra pink
A032-7 Mouthpiece extra comfort pink

Mouthpiece extra comfort pink


€ 4,00
A033 mouth piece w/bridge/black
mouthpiece silicone/bridge/black € 4,00
A033-1 mouthpiece sillice w/b clear
mouthpiece sillicone with bridge € 4,00
A034 mouth piece sill.black
mouthpiece sillicone black € 4,00
A034-3 Mouthpiece black curved

Mouthpiece sillicone curved


€ 4,00
A035 multi-tool
multi-tool € 13,00
A036 Carabiner S
Stainless steel carabiner, 6 cm. € 3,00
A037 Carabiner M
Carabiner, stainless steel, 7 cm. € 4,00
A037-1 Carabiner L
Carabiner stainless steel, 8,1 cm. € 6,00
A038 octo-holder velcro
velcro € 3,00
A040 octo-holder
ball € 3,00
A041 O-ring bottle

o-ring bottle, empty

the coulour of the bottle can be different from the photo.

€ 6,00
A042 lanyard
lanyard € 2,00
A043 retractor
retractor € 10,00
A044-2 Shaker with magnete

Alu shaker with magnete

length: 11 cm.

The magnete is removeble

€ 15,00
A045 sillicone grease
silicone grease € 10,00
A046 spiral spring
spiral spring € 12,00
A046-1 spiraalkoord geel
A046-1 Snap shockline with ring
Snap shockline with ring € 8,00
A046-2 spiraalkoord rood
A046-2 Snap shockline with ring red
Snap shockline with ring red € 8,00
A046-3 spiraalkoord blauw
A046-3 Snap shockline with ring blue
Snap shockline with ring blue € 8,00
A047-1 spiraal koord met plastic haak rood
A047-1 Spiral Cord with Plastic Carabiner - Red
INOX Spiral Cord with Plastic Carabiner - Red € 17,00
A047-2 spiraal koord met plastic haak groen
A047-2 Spiral Cord with Plastic Carabiner - Green
INOX Spiral Cord with Plastic Carabiner - Green € 17,00
A047-3 spiraal koord met plastic haak multi colour
A047-3 Spiral cord with plastic hook - multicolor
INOX Spiral cord with plastic hook multicolor € 17,00
A047-4 spiraalkoord met plastic haak oranje
A047-4 Spiral cord with plastic hook - orange
INOX Spiral cord with plastic hook - orange € 17,00
A047-5 spiraal koord met plastic haak geel
A047-5 Spiral cord with plastic hook - yellow
INOX Spiral cord with plastic hook - yellow € 17,00
A047-6 spiraal koord met plastic haak donkergroen
A047-6 Spiral cord with plastic hook - dark green
INOX Spiral cord with plastic hook - dark green € 17,00
A048 tankbanger
tankbanger € 6,00
A048-1 spiraal koord inox haken oranje
A048-1 Spiral cord with two inox carabiners - orange
INOX Spiral cord with two inox carabiners - orange € 25,00
A048-2 spiraal koord inox haken blauw
A048-2 Spiral cord with two inox carabiners - blue
INOX Spiral cord with two inox carabiners - blue € 25,00
A048-3 spiraal koord inox haken grijs
A048-3 Spiral cord with two inox carabiners - gray
INOX Spiral cord with two inox carabiners - gray € 25,00
A049 bottle strap mono
bottle strap mono € 20,00
A049-1 INOX shockline with small carabiner
INOX shockline with small carabiner - light blue € 15,00
A050-1 INOX spiral cord with large carabiner
INOX spiral cord with large carabiner - light blue € 20,00
blok 120g
A052-1 bloc voor dubbeltank bloc for double tank
bloc for double tank € 5,00
A053 ropecutter L
ropecutter, size: L € 7,00
A054 reel s.s. 45 M.

reel 45 mtr., stainless steel

with a skip and free button.

€ 40,00
A054a fingerreel
 A054-1 fingerreel, 30 m.
fingerreel 30 m. € 12,00
A054-2 for fingerreel
to make it qiuick going € 4,00
rail 24M
 A054-3 fingerrail 24 M.

Fingerreel, length 24 M.

colour: yellow or white

€ 10,00
 A054-4 fingerrail 15 M

fingerrail 15 M.

colour: yellow or white

€ 10,00
rail whousing
 A054-5 fingerreel w .housing

fingerreel with housing

length: 30 M.

€ 15,00
din zndr kap
A057 test manom.din

test manometer din

300 Bar

€ 60,00
A060 octoholder magnete

octoholder magnete

the colour can be different from photo.

€ 14,00
A061 logbook complete

A061 logbook with 5 sheet

Size: 27x20 cm.

€ 10,00
A062 logbook pages

logbook pages 5 sheet

size: 21x15 cm.

€ 2,00
A063 ld-manometer
ld-manometer € 15,00
A064 bottle net 10 Ltr.

bottle net for 10 Ltr.

the colour of the net can be different from the picture.

€ 7,00
A064-1 bottle net 12 ltr. short

bottle net for 12 Ltr. short,

the colour can be different from the picture.

€ 7,50
A064-2 bottle net 12 ltr. long

bottle net 12 Ltr. long

the colour can be different from the picture

€ 7,50
A064-3 bottle net 15 ltr.

Bottle net for 15 Ltr. bottle, yellow or blue

the colour can be different from photo

€ 8,00
A064-4, flesnet zwart bottle net yellow
Bottle net for 15 Ltr. bottle, yellow € 8,00
A068 enkel
A068 fin strap spring S

fin strap spring size Small

total legth(including buckle) 28 cm.

€ 12,00
A068-1 fin strap spring M

finstrap spring size M

price 1 piece

total length, including buckle, 32 cm.

€ 12,00
A068-2 finstrap spring L

finstrap spring

size L

price 1 piece.

total length, including buckle: 33 cm.

€ 12,00
A068-3 finstrap spring XL

finstrap spring size XL

price is for 1 piece.

total length including buckle: 34 cm.

€ 12,00
A068-4 enkel
A068-4 finstrap spring Tec Dive M

finstrap spring Tec Dive size M

the price is for 1 piece.

total length: 28cm.

€ 10,00
A068-4 enkel
A068-5 finstrap spring Tec Dive L

finstrap spring Tec Dive size L

the price is for 1 piece.

total length: 30 cm.

€ 10,00
A068-6 geel
A068-6 Finband with clip

Finband super flex with quick release buckle

one size

€ 8,00
A069 inflator buoy

inflator buoy, length 1.25 mtr.

with bag

€ 30,00
A069-1 inflator buoy yellow
inflator buoy with ventil, length 1.60mtr. € 27,00
A003 Diver below
diver below € 15,00
A069-3 Spare bag

Spare bag for bouy

size: 25x15 cm.

material: nylon 

€ 6,00
A052 reefhook
A073 Reefhook
Reefhook ss € 8,00
reefhook met lijn
A073-1 Reefhook w/line

Reefhook with rope and snaphook

stainles steel 

€ 15,00
dubbele reefhook m:lijn
A073-2 Reefhook dubble w/line

Reefhook dubble with line and snaphook

stainles steel 

€ 15,00
A075 HD manometer
HD manometer € 20,00
A076-1 double ender 11.6 cm.

double ender messing

ca. 11,6 cm.

€ 5,00
swivel bolt rvs m 8 cm.
A076-2 swivel bolt 9 cm.

Swivel bolt stainless steel

length ca. 9 cm. 

€ 6,00
swivel bolt rvs 11 cm
A077 swivel bolt 10,5 cm.

swivel bolt stainless steel

size L, 10,5 cm.

€ 8,00
swivel bolt 2.  11,5 cm.
A077-1 A077-1 Swivel bolt 12,5 cm.

Swivel bolt

ca.12,5 cm.

stainles steel

€ 10,00
A078 black
A078 octoholder neck black
octoholder neck sillicone, colour black € 8,00
A078 yellow
A078-1 octoholder neck yellow
octoholder neck sillicone, colour yellow € 8,00
A078-3 Octo necklace blue
A078-3 octoholder neck blue

octoholder neck silicone

Colour blue 

€ 8,00
A078-4 Octo Necklace Pink
A078-4 octoholder neck pink

Octoholder neck silicone

Colour pink 

€ 8,00
 A078-2 snorkelkeeper silliconelholder

snorkelkeeper sillicone,

colour: yellow

€ 3,00
 A079 wrist temperature
wrist temparature € 3,00
 A080 wrist compas

wrist kompas


€ 33,00
kompas met retractor
A080-1 Compass with retractor
Compass with retractor (with stop-button) € 35,00
A082 Fin Holder

Carry your fins 'Handsfree'

Hang your fins in the fins holder (loop) and keep your hands free for other things 

€ 6,00
 A083 Line marker
Line marker € 1,00
tandartsset 60g
A085 O-ring kit
O-ring kit with sillicone crease € 13,00
Ring edelstahl
A086 Ring stainlesssteel
Ring stainles steel € 1,00
rvs ovaal
A087 oval ss
Oval stainles steel € 4,00
A090 Pointer
Pointer, also  to use as a statif for your camera € 10,00
A093 noseclip
noseclip € 3,00
A094 Legbag

Legbag with clips

Seize: H27xW21xD10 cm.

€ 15,00
A095-1 Cap low pressure first stage
Protection cap for Low Pressure connection of the first stage € 3,00
A095-2 Cap low pressure first stage
Cap low pressure first stage € 3,00
A96-1 Tankband up to 12cm
A096-1 Tank band up to 12cm
Tank band up to 12cm € 10,00
A96-2 Tankband up to 16cm
A096-2 Tank band up to 16cm
Tank band up to 16cm € 12,00
A96-3 Tankband up to 24cm
A096-3 Tank band up to 16cm
Tank band up to 16cm € 14,00
A020-3 bc hanger black
A020-3 BCD Hanger black
BCD Hanger black, simpel € 6,00